Padron Cigars

As one of the top boutique cigar makers in Nicaragua, the Padrons are well known for growing and rolling some of the world’s top tobacco. For years their cigars have been considered a delicacy by aficionados worldwide.

The Padrons are one of the largest boutique cigar makers in the world. With overwhelming success, their cigars are some of the most sought after and hardest to find. The demand has been so great; they instituted a cap on the number of cigars they produce each year to ensure the hands of time are not rushed and that careful attention is paid to each cigar coming off the rolling tables.

In celebrating their 30th Anniversary, the Padrons released an extremely limited production cigar which is made from the top tobacco harvested from their Nicaraguan farms.

The Padron Anniversary lines are among the rarest and hardest to find cigars in the world. As one of the largest boutique cigar makers, the Padron family has an uncompromising commitment to quality, limiting their cigar production each year. The Anniversary series represents the top tobacco from each year’s crop.

Padron 1964 Anniversary is box-pressed and has a medium to full body with rich complex aromas. It debuted in 1994 to commemorate the companies 30th year in business. The finish on these cigars is long and the most unique aspect of the cigar is its balance. While so many flavors populate the palate, each is distinctly definable as the cigar changes from the moment you light it up to the moment you put it down. Hailed as the best and smoked by those who enjoy only the finest cigars, Padron is the perfect option for everyone’s humidor.

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